Love Story, ❤ Mountain View
Ladybug and Chat Noir are sooooooooooooo cute, like can you just look at them alll day?! Because I can! LOOK AT THEIR AFCES LIKE I LITERALLY CANT WEDC#VWBNWGEHDSHGWEHJQ Antyways... i hope this happens... ^^ ILL PROBABLY CRY AND HAVE A HEART ATTACK AND DIE But I still hope it happens. because then this photo will be my screen saver, on my laptop phone, ipad, and posters all over IM CRYING BRO THIS IS JUST TOO BEAYTIFULLLL D; mIRacULouS SiMplY thE beST uP tO TheE TEsSSt wHEn tHinGS gOOO WROnG MiRacUloussSsSssSsSSSsSS!!!