Pineapple Hello my name is Mary Johnson, and i am Coach of the girls Swim Team. I am from Alabama, and moved to California when I was about 30 years old. I have been working as the coach for 12 years now, and I am now convinced that swimming is good for your body and gives a nice amount of exercise.
Pineapple Hello, My name is Charline. I am from Orlando, Florida, and I started swimming at the age of 5. Now I am 15 and on the girls swim team. I made many friends here like Peyton and Toni, they're also on the swim team. I joined because i've always had a passion for swimming and I thought it would be fun to join a tem at school.
Pineapple Hey my names Felicity I am very competitive when it comes to playing sports, I always need to be the fastest or usually I am the best on my swim team, I dont work well in groups because i need them to all be nmoving at my pace, which they dont
Pineapple My name is Callie , Im 17, and On the girls swim team. I joined last year and I love it so much! Swimming has a been a hobby of mine since a very young age. I am a Senior so I am the oldets on the team but that doesnt stop me from doing my best and making friends.
Pineapple My Names Catherine, Im from Chicago, i moved to La with my parents because they found new jobs here, I started swimming when i moved here because its California you swim here, haha! But ever since i was taught arounf the age 13, I grew to love the sport so much and decided to take it further and make it more permanent in my life.